Summer Storms, 2014

Summer Storms, 2014

Localised severe weather is starting to appear more frequently in our neighbourhood.

On July 28th high winds, rain and hail caused severe damage to many properties in the Oakville area. Our crews responded immediately to the calls for assistance and worked diligently to mitigate and repair damage.

Just as this work was easing off, Burlington and west Oakville were hit by severe flooding on August 4th. Roads closures, power outages and extreme flooding were the result of 200mm of rainfall in a 90 minute period. That is more than the combined monthly average for both July and August!

So severe was the damage that many Insurance companies declared a ‘Catastrophic Loss’. As a preferred vendor to several Insurers, ServiceMaster of Oakville responded immediately, working 24 hours a day to assist our affected clients.

With increased severe weather activity forecast for the future, you can be assured that ServiceMaster of Oakville will be there to help.

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